Pressure Relief Valve Inspection

We provide a three-day course in the effective inspection and maintenance of Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs) including Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs). The course combines both theoretical instruction and practical workshop training on a variety of PRDs. The aim is to improve your technical knowledge in the principles of PRD operation, maintenance and inspection while considering both the dimensional and operational characteristics.

What is a Pressure Relief Valve?

Pressure relief devices are used to protect pressure equipment and systems from exceeding the accumulation of overpressure which may build up as a result of operational upsets, equipment failure or in the event of a fire. These items are safety critical and in the world of pressurised equipment can be considered the last line of defense.

Failure of these devices to function properly may lead to a serious accident or explosion, therefore it is vitally important that these valves are properly designed, inspected and maintained.

PRVs are used in a wide variety of process conditions, ranging from clean service to heavily corrosive process fluids. The devices shall be inspected and tested at intervals that are frequent enough to verify that the devices perform reliably in a particular service environment.

Who is the course aimed at?

The intention of the course content is to provide an appreciation and to improve your technical knowledge in the principles of PRVs. PRVs are not exclusively a maintenance activity and should be considered as essential training for all parts of the organisation; including maintenance, operations and inspection to ensure the associated risks are fully understood.
Still unsure?

If you are unsure on whether this course meets your requirements and career progression, or if you have any uncertainty on what we have discussed please contact us for additional advice.

This course will discuss the different Australian and international codes and standards that relate to PRDs. The knowledge discussed and learnt will enable owner/users and plant personnel make informed decisions regarding PRV testing, inspection and re-certification.

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